Apply Now to Join The Innovation District HQ Incubator

If you are a tech or tech-enabled company looking for access to technical business services and use of space at the Innovation District HQ to incubate your company, please continue to fill out the form below.

If you are a non-tech or tech-enabled company or you are looking for access to technical business services only – Please visit

Benefits of Moving to Innovation District HQ

Located in Canton at 309 Court Avenue NW, the Innovation District HQ Incubator is a launchpad for you to grow your business and hopefully stay in the District. Here is a list of services/incentives available to you:

  • A reduced fixed rent of $350/month per unit up to 15 months. Rent includes utility and Wifi up to 100mb in speed with higher speed available for a fee.
  • Business Assistance Services (Free via 1-on-1s, mentoring, office hours, or cohort-based workshops, connections to ecosystem partners, or for a fee) including:
    • Growth planning / access to sales
    • Financials: Financial Projections and Forecasting, Growth Funding Planning, Investor Readiness Preparation, Budget & Milestones Forecasting
    • Marketing: Market Research, Customer Discovery
    • Talent (Job Board, Recruitment Services, HR services)
    • Mentoring program
  • Incubator tenants who agree to stay in the District for at least 3 years may be eligible for a 50% rent rebate. Additional job creation incentives may be applicable to your business.

Application Terms & Conditions

By filling out the form below, you agree to the following terms:

  • I am applying for admission to the Innovation District HQ Technology Incubator. I understand that the information contained in this application will be held in the strictest confidence. I further understand that this application is subject to review and in no way guarantees my admittance to this program and that no liability will be assumed by Innovation District HQ or Jumpstart, Inc.
  • I acknowledge and understand that this application for tenancy is in no way related to, and is a wholly separate process from, any application for funding, which this company may have submitted or may submit in the future.
  • I acknowledge and understand that if my business is selected to become an incubator member, I will be required to participate in monthly business updates.
  • I acknowledge and understand that if my business is selected to become an incubator member, all owners, employees, and contractors will be required to follow the rules of the Innovation District HQ and will be subject to a background check.
  • I agree that Innovation District HQ or Jumpstart, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the success or failure of my proposed business venture. The role of Innovation District HQ or Jumpstart, Inc. is consultative in nature and any advice or information offered may or may not be used at my discretion. Therefore, I release Innovation District HQ or Jumpstart, Inc. and its agents from any liability associated with my (proposed) business.

If you have any questions about the application or to learn more about Jumpstart’s other technical business services, please reach out to Linda Hale.

Incubator application

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